Recipe: Gluten-free pancakes

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Who doesn’t like tasty and amazing pancakes? We know we do and that’s why we want you to enjoy these gluten-free pancakes. Perfect for anyone, at anytime. Enjoy!


1-1/2 cups brown rice flour

1/4 cup coconut flour

2 “eggs” (Bob’s Red Hill Egg Replacement

1 tablespoon baking powder

1-1/2 cups vanilla almond milk

1 teaspoon olive oil


1.  Mix dry ingredients.

2.  Mix egg replacement and add to dry ingredients.

3.  Add almond milk and oil and mix well.

Makes approximately 6 4-inch pancakes.

Source: VegWeb

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A response to Mrs. Hall: Teaching our boys respect and self-control

Dr. Rebecca Hains

FYI (if you’re a teenage girl)“* came up in my facebook news feed a lot yesterday. It’s being shared with such enthusiasm that I was eager to read it. I hoped its advice for teenage girls about their facebook activities would live up to the hype.

But instead, when I read it, my heart sank. Although the post is well-intended, the author, Kimberly Hall, makes a tremendous error: She places the responsibility for her teenage boys’ sexual desires on teenage girls, rather than on the boys themselves.

For example, addressing her sons’ female friends, she writes: “Did you know that once a male sees you in a state of undress, he can’t ever un-see it?  You don’t want the Hall boys to only think of you in this sexual way, do you?”

Well, no. I’m sure that her sons’ female friends don’t want to be thought of only

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